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Replication Software for Easy Enterprise Data Integration

BryteFlow is a no-code data replication software that replicates your data using CDC from transactional sources like SAP, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL to popular platforms like AWS, Azure, SQL Server, BigQuery, PostgreSQLSnowflake, Teradata, Databricks and Kafka in real-time, providing ready to use data on the destination. Our data replication software is automated, GUI driven, self-service and offers out-of- the-box support for bulk data. Change Data Capture and CDC Automation

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Super-fast Data Replication Tool: 6x fasterthan GoldenGate

Super-fast Data Replication Tool: 6x faster than GoldenGate Our replication tool BryteFlow Ingest transfers petabytes of data in minutes – approx. 1,000,000 rows in 30 seconds. BryteFlow is fast to deploy and you can get delivery of data within 2 weeks as opposed to months for our competitors.
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BryteFlow Data Replication Tool: Technical Architecture

This technical diagram explains how BryteFlow replicates and transforms data.

Data Replication Tool Highlights

  • Replication software has extremely high throughput – 6x faster than GoldenGate, approx. 1,000,000 rows in 30 seconds
  • Our data replication software automates DDL creation on the destination with best practices for performance
  • Data is time-series and you can get a history of every transaction Data replication tool provides high availability out-of-the-box
  • Get ready-to-use data on cloud platforms like S3, Redshift, Snowflake, Azure Synapse, ADLS Gen2, SQL Server, Kafka, PostgreSQLBigQuery, Teradata and Databricks.
  • Automated data reconciliation with BryteFlow TruData to verify data completeness How to Manage Data Quality
  • Highly resilient, replication provides Automated Network Catch-up in case of power or network outage

BryteFlow Data Replication Software Features

Whether it is extracting and replicating SAP data, fastest ever replication for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL or Postgres, BryteFlow handles it in real-time, and automates every process. For extracting SAP data and ingesting it directly from source systems, we also have the unique SAP Data Lake Builder.
Real-time, No Code Replication Software

BryteFlow replicates data from hundreds of sources automatically in real-time. It has a user-friendly point-and-click interface that can be used easily by business users. There is no coding for any process, including data extraction, merging, masking, or type 2 history. No external integration with third party tools like Apache Hudi is required. Your data is ready to use at destination almost immediately.

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Merges changes automatically with data using log-based CDC

BryteFlow Ingest continuously merges new change files with existing data automatically using log-based CDC and other CDC options so your data is automatically updated and synced with source. BryteFlow CDC ensures there is no impact on source systems while enabling very high throughput.
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Replication software that preserves a history of every transaction with time-series data

BryteFlow delivers time-series data for easy point-in-time analytics. You get out-of-the-box options to maintain the full history of every transaction with options for automated data archiving. This versioning feature is great for historical and predictive trend analysis.

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Automated DDL creation on the destination with best practices for performance

BryteFlow automates DDL (Data Definition Language) and creates tables automatically on the destination. You never need to waste your time in tedious prepping of data.
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Bulk Loads with Smart Partitioning and Parallel Loading

When you are replicating bulk loads BryteFlow XL Ingest is used for the initial full ingest of data. It uses smart partitioning technology to partition the data and parallel sync functionality to bulk load data in parallel threads. After the initial full ingest, BryteFlow Ingest uses CDC to continuously and automatically merge the deltas to sync with source.
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BryteFlow offers ETL/ ELT on Snowflake, Amazon Redshift and Amazon S3 in real-time

BryteFlow Blend merges and transforms multi-source data extracted by BryteFlow Ingest as part of the ELT process. BryteFlow Ingest loads data from the sources in real-time to Snowflake and Amazon Redshift where BrtyteFlow Blend merges, transforms and provides data in ready-to-use formats like Parquet, ORC etc., Alternatively it can also provide ETL on AWS by extracting and transforming data on S3 and then loading modeled data to Snowflake and Redshift.
BryteFlow ETL / ELT on Snowflake

Replication tool provides Data Type Conversions out of the box

BryteFlow replication software provides a range of data conversions out of the box including Typecasting and GUID data type conversion to ensure that your data is ready for analytical consumption or for Machine Learning.
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Fast Data Replication Tool: 6x faster than GoldenGate

Our data replication tool replicates data at an approx. speed of a million rows in 30 seconds. The replication software is at least 6x faster than GoldenGate and faster than other competitors. It has the highest throughput for Oracle replication. BryteFlow can be deployed in one day and time to delivery of data is just 2 weeks.
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Data Replication with Automated Data Reconciliation

BryteFlow TruData our data reconciliation software integrates with the BryteFlow replication software to provide automated data validation. It checks data for completeness using row counts and columns checksum and provides alerts for missing or incomplete data.
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The replication software has high availability and resiliency with Automated Network Catchup

If there is a power or network outage, BryteFlow has an automated catch-up mode. The process starts up automatically from where it had stopped after normal conditions are restored.
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Dashboard to monitor data ingestion and transform instances easily

The BryteFlow ControlRoom integrates seamlessly with our replication software to display the status of various Ingest and Blend instances so you can track the processes that are happening easily.

BryteFlow SAP Data Lake Builder – Unique SAP data replication tool to extract SAP data at application level

The BryteFlow SAP Data Lake Builder connects to SAP at the Application level. It gets data exposed via SAP BW ODP Extractors or CDS Views as OData Services to build the Data Lake. It replicates data from SAP systems like ECC, HANA, S/4HANA and SAP Data Services. It carries over SAP application logic so it does not have to be rebuilt on destination, saving both – effort and time.
BryteFlow SAP Data Lake Builder



Source databases and applications

BryteFlow supports a wide range of data sources including relational databases, cluster, cloud, flat files and streaming data sources. We can easily add more sources if required. Let us know if you need another source added, we’ll be happy to oblige.

SQL Server
Amazon Aurora
Any JDBC Database


BryteFlow replicates your data across a large range of platforms.

Amazon S3
Amazon Redshift
Amazon Aurora
Amazon Kinesis
SQL Server
Azure SQL DB
Azure Synapse Analytics
 Azure Data Lake Gen2
Google BigQuery
Apache Kafka