Data Integration in Real-Time

Replicate, merge, transform and reconcile data in real-time.


How BryteFlow works for Real-Time Data Integration

Why BryteFlow should be your data management tool of choice for automated, self-service data integration

BryteFlow integrates data from any API, any flat files and from legacy databases like SAP, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and delivers ready-to-use data to Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift and Snowflake at dizzying speeds. It is completely self-service (no tech hiring needed), needs no coding, is low maintenance, and can handle any data volume (including huge petabytes of data) without skipping a beat. Create an AWS Data Lake 10x faster

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BryteFlow has 3 main destinations: Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift and Snowflake

With the BryteFlow self-service data management solution, you get a lot of flexibility. You can get data integration on Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift or Snowflake individually. Or you can deliver data to 2 destinations at a time, for e.g. Amazon S3 and Redshift or Amazon S3 and Snowflake. This is helpful – for e.g. you can have data prepared on your AWS Data Lake for Machine Learning and also have data pushed to Redshift or Snowflake at the same time for data analytics and reporting.

Data Integration on Amazon S3

Data Integration on Amazon Redshift

Data integration on Snowflake

Data Integration on Azure Synapse

Data Integration on SQL Server

BryteFlow’s Technical Architecture

For a more detailed look, here is a technical diagram that shows exactly how BryteFlow works. You can also see the role of BryteFlow products in data integration as well as the presence of AWS services for other data functionalities. Experience BryteFlow, get a Free Trial

The BryteFlow Suite

The BryteFlow Enterprise Suite consists of data integration tools that work synergistically to deliver flawlessly replicated, prepared data that you can use for your Analytics, ML, AI or other applications.
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Data Replication Tool: BryteFlow Ingest

BryteFlow Ingest can replicate data from any database, any API and any flat file to Amazon S3, Redshift or Snowflake. through a simple point and click interface. It is an entirely self-service and automated data replication tool. BryteFlow Ingest uses log-based Change Data Capture for data replication.
About BryteFlow Ingest 

Data Replication Tool for huge datasets: BryteFlow XL Ingest

If you have petabytes of data to replicate, BryteFlow XL Ingest can provide the first full ingest of data at very fast speeds. It uses smart partitioning and compression to partition your data and parallel sync to load data fast through parallel threads. It has been specially designed for replicating tables over 50 GB and and seamlessly integrates with Amazon Athena for parallel queries.
About BryteFlow XL Ingest

Data Transformation Tool: BryteFlow Blend

BryteFlow Blend merges data from different sources and transforms and prepares it for Analytics, AI and ML. BryteFlow Blend has a highly visual drag and drop interface so you can connect to sources and data warehouses with a few clicks. Blend integrates with BryteFlow Ingest to run data transformation jobs automatically.
About BryteFlow Blend

Data Reconciliation Tool: BryteFlow TruData

BryteFlow TruData verifies your data with source continually and integrates with BryteFlow Ingest automatically for data reconciliation. It performs point-in-time data completeness checks for complete datasets including type-2 and works at a very granular level to reconcile data so errors can be remedied easily.
About BryteFlow TruData

Data Monitoring Tool: BryteFlow ControlRoom

The Bryteflow ControlRoom monitors all the BryteFlow Ingest and Blend instances you have. For BryteFlow Ingest you can view latency, extract and load status, start time, end time, ingest status etc. For BryteFlow Blend, view the instances under Blend jobs, their duration and number of times they have been run in 24 hours. BryteFlow ControlRoom is configured so you receive alerts and notifications about ongoing data processes .
About BryteFlow ControlRoom

Productivity Calculator for Data Integration

Calculate Days Saved

Here is a simple calculator that can tell you the days you will save from your data integration and maintenance timelines by using BryteFlow’s automated data integration approach as compared to a coding-centric data management solution. Shorter time to insights mean better business decisions AND reduced costs!

How BryteFlow cuts down on data access time
  • BryteFlow is an automated self-service data integration tool which means you don’t need people to do any coding whatsoever -no expensive tech hires.
  • BryteFlow is easy maintenance. Just needs a couple of hours to set up, unlike hand coded data implementation projects that drag on for months.
  • BryteFlow can ingest data from any database, any API or any flat file. No effort or coding needed to ingest data in different formats.
  • Processes run in parallel -data is ingested, merged and prepared and reconciled continually or as configured so time taken for data to value is extremely fast.
  • Data replication is done with log-based CDC that captures only deltas, no need for cumbersome, time consuming full refreshes and batch processing.

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The Calculator
  • Number of Data Engineers

    Number of engineers involved in setting up your data project.

  • Project Duration

    Your estimate in days of how long the project will take to implement.

  • Number of Data Sources

    Number of data sources from where data will be ingested for the project.

  • Output

    Shows you the number of days saved by implementing with BryteFlow.



Source databases and applications

BryteFlow supports a wide range of data sources including relational databases, cluster, cloud, flat files and streaming data sources. We can easily add more sources if required. Let us know if you need another source added, we’ll be happy to oblige.

SQL Server
Amazon Aurora


BryteFlow replicates your data across a large range of platforms.

Amazon S3
Amazon Redshift
Amazon Aurora
Amazon Kinesis
SQL Server
Azure SQL Database
Azure Synapse Analytics
Azure Blob Storage