BryteFlow CDC- no change left behind.


Change Data Capture

What is Change Data Capture?

When data is replicated from a source database to a target that could be another database, data warehouse or cloud data storage object, you have to keep in mind that changes to the data in the source will need to be captured and replicated to the destination in order to keep data consistent and trustworthy. Change Data Capture or CDC is the process that makes this possible. CDC captures the changes in the source data and updates only the data in the destination that has changed. This does away with the tedious task of bulk load updating and enables real-time integration of data.

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Change Data Capture for a huge range of sources and destinations

We load data with enterprise level CDC from Oracle to SQL Server, MySQL to Redshift, Salesforce to Snowflake, Salesforce to Redshift, MySQL to S3, SQL Server to SQL Server, MySQL to Snowflake, Salesforce to S3 and many more.

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Log based CDC with high speed and data reconciliation

Replication with Change Data Capture is ideal but what about data reconciliation? Would you know if your replicated data was incomplete or had parts missing? Don’t think of it after. Think of data reconciliation BEFORE you start CDC.

Get data you can trust completely. Reconcile data after you replicate it.

BryteFlow is the only solution that provides both -data replication and data reconciliation. It verifies completeness of data with source so you avoid missing records and incorrect values and get data you can really trust.
BryteFlow TruData for data reconciliation

Super-fast data replication – at least 6x faster than Oracle GoldenGate.

BryteFlow ingests and replicates terabytes of data in minutes. BryteFlow XL Ingest replicates very large datasets at lightning speed, approx. one million records (1 GB) in just 30 seconds (results from a client trial).
BryteFlow Ingest & XL Ingest for fast data replication

Point. Click. Set. Forget.

BryteFlow completely automates CDC data replication and integration. It is self-service with a point and click interface so you never need to code or hire coders. Amazingly easy to set up and use, your business users can launch their data projects in just a few hours.
Data Integration with BryteFlow

BryteFlow Change Data Capture

The option of merging and transforming data on Amazon S3

BryteFlow is the only data replication software that provides  data merges and transformation on S3 with SCD Type 2 history. You can either transform data on S3 and push it to Redshift or Snowflake for complex querying or you can replicate data directly to the data warehouses. A high performing data replication tool, BryteFlow Ingest follows best practices for loading to destination.

CDC with zero impact on sources

BryteFlow data replication with log based Change Data Capture has zero impact on the source system. BryteFlow’s automated data replication uses Change Data Capture (CDC) technology with database transaction logs. It continuously updates only rows and inserts that have changed and avoids time-consuming batch processing that is notorious for slowing down processes.

Data verified for completeness gives peace of mind

BryteFlow is the only data integration software that provides both -data replication and data reconciliation. BryteFlow TruData reconciles your destination data with data at source after BryteFlow Ingest has replicated it. Your data is always verified for completeness so there are no unpleasant surprises or irate bosses breathing down your neck later! BryteFlow TruData operates at a very granular level to reconcile data and you get timely alerts if data is incomplete.

CDC for Multiple Destinations

Change Data Capture for Amazon S3

BryteFlow’s next-gen CDC technology easily keeps up with changes happening in the source destination and updates the same on Amazon S3 where your data resides. By leveraging the power of other AWS services, BryteFlow converts AmazonS3 from a simple cloud storage object to a superb analytics environment.

CDC to Amazon S3

Change Data Capture for Amazon Redshift

Now you can rest easy when you are delivering data to Amazon Redshift. BryteFlow’s Change Data Capture technology creates large numbers of different files for new record inserts, updates and deletes. It continuously merges new change files with existing data on Amazon Redshift so your data stays always current and updated.

CDC to Amazon Redshift

Change Data Capture for Snowflake

In order to take adavantage of Snowflake’s real-time data pipelines, you need a CDC technology that can keep up. BryteFlow’s CDC technology captures changes in your source database in real-time and moves only the changed data to Snowflake merging it with existing data continuously. BryteFlow’s real-time monitoring also alerts you if data is missing so your data is always complete.

CDC to Snowflake

BryteFlow Ingest & XL Ingest

BryteFlow Ingest is our data replication tool extraordinaire. It uses a proprietary technology to replicate huge volumes of data from multiple sources at dizzying speeds to Amazon S3 in real-time. While BryteFlow Ingest replicates large databases effortlessly, XL Ingest is intended for huge petabyte databases.

Read more about data replication with BryteFlow Ingest & XL Ingest.

  • Completely codeless and automated data replication.
  • Ingest data automatically in real-time from hundreds of sources.
  • Access data immediately with real-time replication of your source in the data lake.
  • Efficiently manage transactional data and sync changes continuously.
  • Get a range of data conversions out of the box including Typecasting and GUID data type conversion.
  • Retrieve data from any point on the timeline with timestamping feature.
  • Automatic catch-up from network dropout.