Smart Meter data helps to focus on efficiency and better customer service.


Smart Meter data helps to focus on efficiency and better customer service.

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  • The energy and utilities sector is generating more data than ever before. Smart grids, smart meters that generate information many times in an hour, sophisticated weather prediction devices create huge streams of real-time, multi-structured data that needs to be ingested and replicated for use in analytics and Machine Learning to enhance customer experience and optimize business.
  • BryteFlow ingests data from multiple sources on a scalable platform in real-time so it is possible to have a unified view of customers, operations, assets and more. It integrates with IoT and Machine Learning to enable predictive maintenance and avert power failures and energy theft. BryteFlow also provides prepared data for customer analytics to enable better customer service.
Data analytics with Smart Meter data

Machine generated data thrown up by Smart Meters helps energy companies to discern patterns in consumption. BryteFlow enables energy and utility companies to derive insights in real-time from their data to optimize energy distribution and also to increase the reliability of the grid and deliver better remote operations support.

Predictive maintenance to avert power failures

Data from IoT enabled energy devices and equipment is prepared by BryteFlow and analysed by energy companies to achieve improved energy efficiency. It allows the company to predict impending power failures and take remediation measures so the rate of power outages is reduced and costs attached to routine physical inspections and maintenance are lowered.

Data for regulatory requirements and compliance

The regulatory environment for energy companies is extremely stringent and regulators are bringing in new rules, changing regulations and enforcing stricter compliance codes. To deal with this, BryteFlow helps energy companies collect and integrate accurate, up-to-date data from multiple sources about operational, business and security systems.  Energy companies have a wide geographic distribution so listing data from multiple locations and integrating it is another factor that needs consideration.

Improving customer experience

BryteFlow helps energy companies gain a better perspective on customers by ingesting and replicating consumer data from various sources to produce a unified view. Payments and consumption data for a particular customer may exist in an ERP like SAP, the CRM team may have data about the same client like call logs, trouble tickets etc. The service team may also have data regarding work orders, visits etc. All this data can be ingested, merged and prepared by BryteFlow to provide a single view of the consumer. This helps utility companies to categorize customers, reduce churn, provide targeted marketing and increase customer loyalty.

Cross-collaboration between departments

Energy companies used to collect data in legacy databases that were usually siloed and could not be used effectively. Operations and Information Technology were handled by separate teams and data was difficult to share. With BryteFlow unlocking siloed data onto a scalable easy-to-use platform, companies can collaborate across departments and have data visibility acroos the enterprise by unlocking their siloed data – resulting in efficient operations, savings in energy costs and better customer service.

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james mor
James Moor,
General Manager Data and Analytics
Origin Energy

Our ETL ‘partner’ in the full sense of the term.

“Origin embarked on a journey to create a cloud-based Data and Analytics environment in Amazon Web Services (AWS) 4 years ago. Bryte has been with us from the beginning as we turn this vision into a reality. There have been some unique challenges in our environment, such as the nature of our SAP deployment, the volumes of data involved, and the exact manner in which we wanted our data handled.

Throughout, Bryte has been more than a software vendor – it has been our ETL ‘partner’ in the full sense of the term. They have been part of the strategic road map conversation, provided advice on our
Amazon S3/Redshift data lake architecture, made material contributions to our knowledge of AWS products and have generally been a valued advisor on our journey.

Their software and business model appear to have significant flexibility, and as new requirements become apparent, they are quick to evolve and incorporate new features into their core platform. In short, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone embarking on a journey similar to ours.”

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Origin Energy
On-premises hardware and existing infrastructure was struggling to support data demands.

Until 2016, this premier energy company used on-premises hardware to run its operations and big data projects. However, as the volume and complexity of data increased in line with business growth, the existing infrastructure was struggling to support the increasing data demands.

BryteFlow helped unlock large volumes of complex enterprise data including SAP.

BryteFlow software has helped in achieving accurate data replication on AWS Cloud with low latency which could never be achieved earlier, due to the large volumes and complexity of the data. The company’s data is now accessible to functional teams across the organization by consolidating all workloads and databases into one powerful engine. The company has cut down on data costs enormously and query results are many times faster than the earlier on-premises environment.


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