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“Bryte has continued to pioneer, innovate, re-invent and push the boundaries with cloud data management for large enterprises.”


What they are saying.

There’s a reason why Bryteflow has some extremely die-hard fans. Whether is is the fact that our customers get to use their data in real-time (Data to Dashboard in minutes) or that they get a complete, scalable data solution, or the low, low cost of data use and storage, we are getting some serious love – from some of the biggest names in business.

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origin csorign

Origin Energy

Unlocked large volumes of complex enterprise data including SAP.
Bryte has been more than a software vendor, it has been our ETL partner in the full sense of the term.

Origin embarked on a journey to create a cloud-based Data and Analytics environment in Amazon Web Services (AWS) 4 years ago. Bryte has been with us from the beginning as we turn this vision into a reality. There have been some unique challenges in our environment, such as the nature of our SAP deployment, the volumes of data involved, and the exact manner in which we wanted our data handled.

Throughout, Bryte has been more than a software vendor – it has been our ETL ‘partner’ in the full sense of the term. They have been part of the strategic road map conversation, provided advice on our Amazon S3/Redshift data lake architecture, made material contributions to our knowledge of AWS products and have generally been a valued advisor on our journey.

Their software and business model appear to have significant flexibility, and as new requirements become apparent, they are quick to evolve and incorporate new features into their core platform. In short, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone embarking on a journey similar to ours.

james mor

James Moor,

General Manager Data and Analytics,  Origin Energy

Telia Company

A great CDC tool and a very helpful support team.

For the past couple of months, I have been testing various CDC (Change Data Capture) tools that can deal with huge volumes of incoming delta changes but also fit within our budget.

According to my experience so far, BryteFlow from Bryte Systems is just that tool. It has a very simple UI with very few configuration steps to be done, and you have BryteFlow ready for CDC.

BryteFlow supports many source systems like Oracle, Oracle RAC etc. For the use case Snowflake is used as a target, which works flawlessly with BryteFlow. It can write target data in both – Amazon S3 and Snowflake.

The Bryteflow Standard Edition has basic monitoring but has settings to send logs to AWS Cloudwatch for detailed monitoring and AWS alarms. It also reconnects/retries to the source and target database in case the connection is lost or down due to network glitches.

For me, the best feature of BryteFlow is the rollback option where older archive log files, if present in the source database, can be reloaded. Recovery of the EC2 instance running the BryteFlow AMI is very easy to configure with Dynamo DB and S3 as backup.

The BryteFlow support team has been very supportive during the initial setup and helped clear all my doubts and queries. This is a great CDC tool with a very helpful support team at the backend.

Ruchi Khanuja

Data Engineer, Telia Company
vocus 2

Vocus Communications

Vocus reduced data deployment time by 75%

By leveraging the considerable knowledge base and experience of the Bryte team, we have achieved in 3 months what we didn’t believe we would achieve within the first year of our existence within Vocus Group.

hamish m

Hamish Morgan,

General Manager – Analytics Vocus Communications

ANZ Bank

ANZ gets market insights delivered 10x faster than before.

We initially engaged Bryte for Amazon S3 and Redshift integration but quickly expanded the engagement to have them configure our entire setup. Their knowledge and advice goes beyond just AWS and integration, and the fact that they partner with AWS professional services during the project adds to their credibility. Project-wise, we did a quick and cost-effective run and our solution was up and running within the agreed timeframes. Communication was clear and constant along each step of the way which made our work together with the Bryte team really enjoyable.

arnaud c

Arnaud Cherval,

Digital Platform Manager, ANZ Bank

Swire Shipping

Great tool for synchronizing the SAP ECC6 data to AWS ecosystem.

Bryteflow helped us to synchronize large volumes of data. The tool was pretty easy to set up. Once the service was made available in SAP, Bryteflow synchronized the data at great speed without impacting SAP performance. The BryteFlow team has been very supportive and responsive throughout, and went out of their way to make the project a success.

Gokul Sridhar

Solutions Architect, Swire Shipping
under armour logo1

Under Armour

Unlocking the value of customer data effectively.

Bryte has a tight integration with Amazon Web Services, which is critical to our business. The team has been very responsive to our questions and eager to resolve any issues that arise.

jay de

Jay DeFoore,

CRM Marketing Manager, Under Armour

Horizon Power

An AWS Data Lake that refreshes continually.

“BryteFlow leverages native AWS capabilities but does not require us to manage them directly, freeing time for value-added data analysis rather than coding,”

Suresh Parimi

Manager Digital & Data Solutions, Horizon Power

Bingo Industries

BryteFlow delivers fast, accurate reporting and analytics.

Using Bryteflow on Amazon S3 has been a real game changer for us. We have been able to achieve a Data Warehouse and an Analytics solution in a short amount of time. With Bryteflow we get to work with the most current data almost immediately. Our data extraction and transformation development time has been shortened. Unlike other tools that takes a considerable amount of time to develop an end to end process, we have achieved this at great speeds. The tool in itself is incredibly easy to use – took me just half a day to learn the core functionalities! And best of all – with Amazon S3, our data storage cost is insignificant, so we actually store everything!

ronnel m

Ronnel Magdaluyo,

Business Engagement Manager IT
open universities

Open Universities

Valuable data insights that inform marketing strategy.

The team at Bryte recently helped us with some complex work in order to build a near-real time Data Hub on AWS featuring Amazon S3, EMR and Redshift. At all times in dealing with them they were professional, knowledgeable and willing to go above and beyond to help us, not only with the complicated design effort, but also with the implementation of that design.

rob p

Rob Pickering,

Head of IT


Real time insights on ticket sales helped Ticketek maximize revenues.

Bryte has made major contributions to our architecture and solution analysis and their BryteFlow product has given us speed and agility to achieve our project timelines


Project Lead


CITIC Pacific Mining

We have been using the BryteFlow Ingest software for some time now and are really happy with the product. It allows for building our data lake in S3 quickly without any manual or complex coding from our SAP sources. The other advantage is to be so close to the development team, where you can raise your request for enhancements and they are actioned in a timely manner.

Rutu Ayachit,

Data Analytics Lead | Digital Technology & Innovation
nib logo

Nib Health Funds

Better customer experience and improvement of lapse propensity.

BryteFlow acts like a bridge between our legacy systems and digital technologies like Kinesis events stream to enable our digital initiatives.

At nib Health funds we needed to publish a real-time data feed to AWS Kinesis from a third-party application and considering the massive volumes of data, needed an industrial strength data management solution that would achieve this. The Bryte team did an outstanding job of configuring theirBryteFlow product to track and publish changes on the underlying SQL Server database. It has been over a year now and our BryteFlow solution is working like a dream. It acts like a bridge between our legacy systems and digital technologies like Kinesis events stream to enable our digital initiatives.The solution is resilient, cost-effective and very low maintenance. The team at Bryte worked hard with us to accommodate our requirements, modifying the application where necessary.

james w

James Weakley

Enterprise Architect, NIB Health Funds
optus logo


Bryte’s solution delivered in excess of 1000% ROI for Optus!

Bryte was engaged after two prior vendors had already struggled to deliver results. They delivered an end-to-end solution in under 90 days and were fantastic to work with during all phases of the project from design and build through to support and handover.


Platform Lead,

Optus Australia
waterford logo 1


Data solution that helps students close learning gaps.

As we were evaluating a major overhaul to our legacy reporting and analytics platform, we recognized that there were aspects to our process that were not really part of our core value proposition.

Using BryteFlow to handle CDC freed up our development resources to focus on analytics. Cost was an obvious concern. We are a non-profit focused on delivering educational software to as many children as possible. The ROI of using BryteFlow, contrasted with ongoing maintenance of our internal system provided significant financial support for our decision.

We also evaluated other options in the marketplace but found BryteFlow to be the most cost-effective and easiest to work with during our evaluation process. In this space we found that many vendors tried very hard to justify a more expensive product by adding unnecessary bells and whistles. We went with Bryte because their product focused on their core competency and reliability.


Mike Hight,

Enterprise Data Architect, Waterford