SAP on Azure (ADLS Gen2) in Real -time.


SAP Migration to Azure ADLS Gen2 without Coding

Automated SAP Migration to Azure Cloud with BryteFlow – load SAP to ADLS Gen2

Extract your SAP data and load it to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 without any coding. BryteFlow is an automated replication tool that replicates your SAP data to ADLS Gen2 in real-time with CDC (Change Data Capture) keeping data updated with source. BryteFlow delivers ready-to-be-consumed data on ADLS Gen2 and is fast to deploy. You can be assured of getting delivery of data in just 2 weeks.

SAP Replication with BryteFlow

No-Code, Real-time SAP on Azure Integration. Get data to ADLS Gen2 Fast

Replicating your data from SAP on Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 is fast and automated with BryteFlow. You can transfer petabytes of SAP data in minutes to ADLS Gen2. BryteFlow loads high volume SAP data to Azure with parallel, multi-thread loading, partitioning and compression. It replicates incremental changes using CDC to sync data with source. Simplify SAP Data Integration

Extract SAP data at Application Level with our SAP ETL Tool

SAP on Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 in Real-time

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Automated, Real-time, SAP on Azure Integration in ADLS Gen2

The BryteFlow SAP replication tool replicates huge volumes of SAP data to your ADLS Gen2 database fast

BryteFlow transfers data using parallel multi-threaded loading, smart partitioning and compression to load petabytes of SAP data to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2. BryteFlow XL Ingest specializes in the initial full ingest of large volume data at high speeds. Subsequently BryteFlow Ingest takes over for incremental data replication using Change Data Capture to keep data updated with source.
Build an Azure Data Lake on ADLS Gen2

No-Code SAP Azure Migration to ADLS Gen2

Many SAP migration tools involve some kind of coding to move your SAP data to Azure Data Lake Gen2. The BryteFlow replication tool is completely no-code and self-service. The user-friendly, intuitive interface can be used easily by ordinary business users.

SAP ECC and Data Extraction from an LO Data Source

Support for flexible connections to SAP

BryteFlow supports flexible connections to SAP including: Database logs, ECC, HANA, S/4HANA and SAP Data Services. It also supports Pool and Cluster tables. You can import any kind of data from SAP into Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 with BryteFlow.
SAP S/4 HANA Overview and 5 Ways to extract SAP S/4 ERP Data

Cut down time spent by Database Administrators in managing the replication

You need to work out how much time your DBAs will need to spend on the solution, in managing backups, managing dependencies until the changes have been processed, in configuring full backups and then work out the true Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the solution. The replication user in most of these replication scenarios needs to have the highest sysadmin privileges.

With BryteFlow, it is “set and forget”. There is no involvement from the DBAs required on a continual basis, hence the TCO is much lower. Further, you do not need sysadmin privileges for the replication user.
Automated SAP ETL with the BryteFlow SAP Data Lake Builder

Data from SAP to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 is monitored for data completeness from start to finish

BryteFlow monitors your data from end-to-end. Unlike other replication tools that set up connectors and pipelines to SAP source applications and stream your data without checking the data accuracy or completeness, BryteFlow makes it a point to track your data. For e.g. if you are replicating SAP data to ADLS Gen2 at 3pm on Thursday Oct. 7, 2021, all the changes that happened till that point will be replicated to the Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 database, latest change last so the data will be replicated with all inserts, deletes and changes present at source at that point in time. For a data ingest, BryteFlow ControlRoom will show you the latency, operation start time, operation end time, volume of data ingested and data remaining.
SAP Replication at Database Level with BryteFlow

Your Data maintains Referential Integrity

With BryteFlow you can maintain the referential integrity of your data when migrating SAP data to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2. This means when there are changes in the SAP source and when those changes are replicated to the destination (ADLS Gen2) you can point out exactly what changed, including the date, time and values that changed at the columnar level.
How to create an SAP OData Service on ADSOs and BW Queries

BryteFlow creates a data lake on ADLS Gen2 so the data model is the same as in source – no modification needed

BryteFlow converts various SAP domain values to standard and consistent data types on the destination. For instance, dates are stored as separate domain values in SAP and sometimes dates and times are separated. BryteFlow provides a GUI to convert these automatically to a date data type on the destination, or to combine date and time into timestamp fields on the destination. This is maintained through the initial sync and the incremental sync by BryteFlow.
SAP BW and how to create an SAP OData service for SAP Extraction

Merge SAP data with data from other sources

You can merge any kind of data from multiple sources with your data from SAP for Analytics or Machine Learning.
SAP SLT Replication using ODP Replication Scenario

Automated Catch-up from Network Dropout

If the data replication is interrupted by a power outage or network failure, you don’t need to start the process of replicating SAP data to ADLS Gen2 over again. BryteFlow automatically picks up where it left off, when normal conditions are resumed.

Technical Architecture on ADLS Gen2

About SAP

SAP is an acronym for Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. SAP is an Enterprise Resource Planning) software. It consists of a number of fully integrated modules, which cover most business functions like production, inventory, sales, finance, HR and more. SAP provides information across the organization in real-time adding to productivity and effiency. SAP legacy databases are typically quite huge and sometimes SAP data can be challenging to extract.

About Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 (also known as ADLS Gen2) supports next-gen data lakes for analytics. Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 combines the best features of Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1 such as file system semantics, file-level security, and scale on Azure Blob storage, leveraging the low storage costs, disaster recovery capabilities and high availability of Azure Blob. ADLS Gen2 delivers high performance since users do not need to move or transform data for analytics.