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View the Bryteflow videos to get an idea of its awesome capabilities.

Most of the videos use SQL Server as a connector but amost any other connector can be used instead – SAP, Oracle etc.

BryteFlow Overview

See how BryteFlow functions to optimize enterprise data management on the AWS ecosystem.

BryteFlow Ingest – Data To Dashboard

Replicate SQL Server data in real-time with zero impact on source (Change Data Capture) and minimal privileges on SQL Server (no admin access required).

BryteFlow Blend – Data To Dashboard

Use BryteFlow Blend to prepare your data assets in real-time from the replicated data. Integrate with Amazon Athena and create a dashboard to get data in minutes.

Ingest S3 Partition Athena Dashboard

Replicate data real-time to Amazon S3, and create partitions for high performance access, with a few clicks, Then interface with Amazon Athena to view the data on dashboard.

Ingest S3 Redshift Spectrum Dashboard

Replicate your large table data to S3 in Parquet format and use it to join with tables on Redshift so that you don’t blow out your budgets on your data warehouse. Then visualize it in dashboards.

Ingest S3 Python Redshift Dashboard

Replicate data to Amazon S3 and Redshift at the same time. Use the data on S3 for data science use cases and use data on Redshift for businesss intelligence reporting and analytics.

Ingest S3 Schema On Read Star Schema

Use BryteFlow Ingest to get your data to Amazon S3 in real-time and create a star schema that you can view in your dashboards.

BryteFlow SAP Data Lake

Liberate your SAP data with BryteFlow for Analytics and ML. Join with other data sources to get valuable insights.

Ingest Oracle S3

Replicate Oracle data to Amazon S3 and view the data as you would in your dashboards, SQL Workbench or for adhoc queries.

Why Amazon S3 is the perfect Analytics Environment
A New Data Perspective with BryteFlow
BryteFlow’s new UI data ingestion and data preparation

Ebooks & Whitepapers

Optimize your Enterprise Data Management

Tips on how you can convert your data environment into an analyst’s paradise.

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Flip the Data Switch

How AWS and BryteFlow get you data in hours not months.

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9 Ways to future-proof your data

How you can keep your data investment relevant and effective into the future.

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8 reasons data projects fail

What are the reasons data implementation projects fail and what you can do about it.

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How to get siloed data to AWS Athena in just a few clicks

Whether you have siloed data or bulk data, we’ll show you how you can get it to Athena fast without any hassle.

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BryteFlow for SAP


BryteFlow for Oracle


BryteFlow for SQL Server


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BryteFlow Blend


Bryte overview

BryteFlow Overview


BryteFlow for MySQL


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