Data driven Customer personalization and inventory management.


Data driven Customer personalization and inventory management.

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  • Data analytics in retail allows companies to really know their customer. BryteFlow helps retailers by ingesting, merging and preparing customer data from various sources like location, demographics, transaction history, loyalty programs etc. to understand how customers behave and buy. This enables retailers to get a single, unified view of their customers and make appropriate personalized recommendations and targeted offers.
  • Retail companies can use data to predict inventory. BryteFlow prepares data that can be used in forecasting and logistics models to predict demand and optimise the supply chain for maximum returns. They can create enterprise data hubs to track demand signals resulting in better stock management. Historic event data can be collected and studied for predictive inventorying and efficient distribution.
Getting into the minds of consumers to persuade buying decisions

Bryte ingests data from mobile, social media and e-commerce channels and prepares it for customer analytics and mapping a buyer’s digital journey. This ‘single view’ data gives a clear idea of the buyer’s preferences and interests. The retail company can serve the buyer with promotions and recommendations targeted to her interests. Future trends can also be forecasted with very large datasets of customer buying patterns across different media.

Optimal pricing strategies driven by data

Customers typically browse multiple channels to find the best pricing for the item they want to buy. Minor pricing differences can make or break a buying decision. BryteFlow can ingest and replicate pricing data from thousands of transactions across channels and merge it with data from location, weather and social media to enable analysts to create smart real-time pricing strategies.

Preventing fraud and illegal practices

The retail industry is privy to sensitive data of customers including credit card information, personal information etc. Analysts can create data models that will show up suspicious activity in purchase patterns and prevent nefarious activities like credit card theft.

Personalizing the customer experience

BryteFlow ingests data about customers across channels so retail companies can use this connected customer data to create customer experiences that are relevant and increase engagement, traffic, customer loyalty and revenues. It also helps in smart merchandising and customer segmentation.

Smart inventory and supply chain planning

Retailers with the help of big data can plan inventory, re-stocking and allocation for maximum returns. BryteFlow can help in ingesting and replicating data from POS systems, inventory management and transactions so companies can track inventory, replenishments, and issue alerts to avoid running low on stocks.

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Jay DeFoore,
CRM Marketing Manager,
Under Armour

Bryte was the only vendor we found that could support our very specific use case.

“Bryte has a tight integration with Amazon Web Services, which is critical to our business. The team has been very responsive to our questions and eager to resolve any issues that arise.”

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Using data to build closer relationships with customers.

Under Armour, Inc. is an American company that manufactures footwear, sports, and casual apparel. It is a multibillion-dollar brand that is made, sold, and worn worldwide. Data delivery speeds were not upto the mark for Under Armour’s goal of using customer insights fast and effectively in email marketing and other marketing activities.

BryteFlow helped Under Armour execute a highly successful email marketing campaign.

An automated process was set up using Change Data Capture (CDC) technology to export data from Redshift into Under Armour’s email marketing platform. The processing power of Amazon Redshift combined with CDC technologies allowed data to be processed, and turned into actionable insights in near real-time, resulting in the ability to reach customers with the right message at the right time. Under Armour was able to surprise and delight customers by sending highly relevant and personalised emails celebrating their accomplishments, tracking their progress towards their goals and making appropriate product recommendations.


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