Reliable, fast Change Data Capture to Amazon Redshift.


CDC to Amazon Redshift

Capture and merge raw incremental data with type 2 history automatically on Amazon Redshift. Additionally capture and prepare data on S3 and upload to Redshift. Self-serve solution which scales seamlessly as data volumes increase.

Transactional data to Amazon Redshift using BryteFlow

Oracle to Amazon Redshift

SQL Server to Amazon Redshift

SAP to Amazon Redshift

Change Data Capture for Amazon Redshift.

Need your data for real-time analytics on AWS Redshift? Using your data to derive business insights can be a major growth booster for your business. But for that you need high quality data integration in your Amazon Redshift database. With BryteFlow you can replicate your data with high-performance CDC and 100% completeness to your Amazon Redshift database. BryteFlow uses log based change data capture (for databases) and streaming APIs (for applications) along with Zero footprint architecture to replicate data to AWS Redshift for real-time analytics. This means you can avoid the hassle and expense of installing any software or third party tools at the source. BryteFlow is custom-built to leverage the awesome power of Amazon Redshift to give you blazingly fast results from your data.

Path-breaking CDC technology to handle data changes to AWS Redshift

The BryteFlow software has two modes of getting ready-to-use data into your Amazon Redshift database:
1) CDC directly to AWS Redshift – in this method the source data is ready to use for analytics on the AWS Redshift data warehouse with type2 SCD history or without history.
2) Prepare and transform data on Amazon S3 and then push to Amazon Redshift. This can include real-time transformations and then the data is made available to either Redshift Spectrum or loaded directly to AWS Redshift.

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Features of BryteFlow CDC

Change Data Capture with high performance and zero impact on source.

  • Transaction log based change data capture
  • Real-time access or at your desired frequency, and real-time data
    replication and transformation
  • Zero impact on source
  • Very high throughput – faster than Oracle Goldengate for Oracle sources
  • No scripting or coding, just point and click
  • Automated file merges on Amazon Redshift
  • Automated SCD type2 history on Amazon Redshift
  • Automated optimisation for Amazon Redshift
  • Option for remote log mining
  • Full extract and CDC – high performance for large volumes
  • Automated reconciliation out-of-the-box for Amazon Redshift to the source at the column level
  • Low level of admin access for SQL Server sources
  • Data ready to be used or can be used further in the pipeline for real-time data preparation
  • Metadata and Data lineage
  • Cost control mechanisms to lower costs
  • Referential integrity

CDC with enterprise grade resiliency, security, alerting and monitoring.

  • High availability out-of -the-box
  • Enterprise grade security using KMS, SSE
  • Masking and tokenization for sensitive data
  • Recover automatically from network drop outs and source drop outs
  • Constant retry mechanism to resume when resources are available
  • Alerting and monitoring customisable as per requirements
  • Integration to CloudWatch logs, metrics and SNS
  • Swap instances whenever required with configuration
  • Automated dashboard with data latency across all sources

BryteFlow Ingest & XL Ingest

BryteFlow Ingest is our data replication tool extraordinaire. It uses a proprietary technology to replicate huge volumes of data from multiple sources at dizzying speeds to Amazon Redshift in real-time. While BryteFlow Ingest replicates large databases effortlessly, XL Ingest is intended for huge petabyte databases.

Read more about data replication with BryteFlow Ingest & XL Ingest.

  • Completely codeless and automated data replication.
  • Ingest data automatically in real-time from hundreds of sources.
  • Access data immediately with real-time replication of your source in the Redshift database.
  • Efficiently manage transactional data and sync changes continuously.
  • Get a range of data conversions out of the box including Typecasting
    and GUID data type conversion.
  • Retrieve data from any point on the timeline with timestamping feature.
  • Automatic catch-up from network dropout.