Reconcile and verify your data for completeness.


BryteFlow TruData

BryteFlow TruData is an automated data reconciliation and validation software that checks for completeness and accuracy of your data.

Huge terabytes of data coming through from different fragmented sources? It is natural to feel a little anxious that the data being replicated might be incomplete or duplicated and that you may have to start the data ingest process all over again! Not to worry – Bryte TruData has your back. It reconciles your data coming in and notifies you immediately if anything is missing. How to Manage Data Quality (The Case for DQM)

Key Highlights:
  • Performs point-in-time data completeness checks for complete datasets including type-2.
  • Has an easy to use interface and dashboard to reconcile data between source and destination.
  • Compares row counts and columns checksum.
  • Slices large tables to improve remediation of non-reconciled data. It operates at a very granular level to reconcile data so issues can be fixed easily.

See how BryteFlow works
Successful Data Ingestion (What You Need to Know)

BryteFlow TruData: Makes sure data is always complete and trustworthy.

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BryteFlow TruData gives you a 100% data completeness guarantee.

It is hugely important to have verified and reconciled data bfore you use it for analytics or other purposes. With inaccurate, incomplete data your results will be likewise.BryteFlow TruData performs point-in-time data completeness checks for datasets including Type 2 data at a frequency you can configure. It gives you notifications should data be missing, so you can fix the issue early on.

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Intuitive point and click interface and dashboard for reconciling data between source and destination – No coding needed!

BryteFlow TruData has an easy to use interface for reconciliation of data. It is fully automated and no coding is needed for reconciliation operations. It can automatically serve up flexible comparisons and match datasets of source and destination.
How to Manage Data Quality (The Case for DQM)

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Fuelled by smart algorithms to uncover discrepancies in data.

BryteFlow TruData uses smart algorithms to reconcile data. It compares row counts and columns checksum in the source and destination data to pinpoint errors.

Specify the columns to be reconciled and verified

Sometimes tables are ridiculously large, as in data from SAP etc. As a time-saving feature you can specify which key columns you need reconciled rather than all of them -leading to much faster reconciliations.
Source to Target Mapping Guide (What, Why, How) 

Works at a very granular level to reconcile data so it can be remedied easily.

BryteFlow TruData slices very large tables into easily handled chunks to improve remediation of non-reconciled data. This gives it the ability to focus on discrepancies in detail, making it easy for you to find and fix the issue.
Successful Data Ingestion (What You Need to Know)

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Integrates with BryteFlow Ingest for data reconciliation automatically.

You can configure BryteFlow TruData with BryteFlow Ingest so whenever data is replicated by BrteFlow Ingest, BryteFlow TruData wil start comparing and validating the data with the source data and start reconciling it. You can relax in the assurance of knowing your data is always trustworthy.