Get your SAP data out of its silo.


BryteFlow for SAP

BryteFlow Ingest, our data replication tool

Access, integrate and use SAP data easily with BryteFlow.

If you have attempted getting your SAP data to integrate with other data and load it into Amazon S3, Redshift, Snowflake, Azure Synapse or SQL Server or other platforms for analytical purposes, you may know how frustrating and expensive it can be. SAP data due to its inherent complexity tends to stay in its silo despite your best attempts. BryteFlow has support for large amounts of SAP data with parallel multi threaded ingestion and loading with complete automation. This can be a a game changer for organisations who cannot unlock the value in their vast amounts of SAP data.

Solution Highlights:
  • Support for terabytes of SAP data with complete automation
  • Zero impact on your SAP source
  • Zero coding – for extraction, merging, masking or type 2 history
  • Analytics ready data assets on S3,  Redshift, Snowflake, Azure Synapse and SQL Server
  • Automated Data reconciliation
  • Data Preparation for Machine Learning on Amazon S3
  • Flexible connections including: Database logs, ECC, HANA, S/4HANA and SAP Data Services

Key Features

  • Automation for terabytes of SAP data – historical and incremental sync
  • SAP Object to Data Model Conversion
  • Low Cost Data Storage
  • Pool and cluster tables
  • Can be used for Advanced Analytics, ML & AI
  • Create data assets across SAP and non-SAP data
  • Access to Real Time SAP data
  • Time series your SAP Data

Unlock your SAP Data with a BryteFlow enabled automated Data Lake.

With BryteFlow, you can extract data from a full range of SAP including SAP HANA with just a few clicks. The software provides a range of data conversions out of the box including Typecasting and GUID data type conversion to ensure that your SAP data is ready for analytical consumption. Further, BryteFlow enables configuration of custom business logic to consolidate SAP data from multiple applications or modules into AI and Machine Learning ready inputs.

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Zero impact on SAP source

BryteFlow eliminates the need for complex application procedures or queries to extract SAP data. It extracts data from the SAP application’s database level logs and does not require any additional agents or software to be installed in your SAP environment.

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Automated Data Reconciliation

BryteFlow for SAP can provide automated data reconciliation from source to target and provides alerts if there are any discrepancies. You have the peace of mind that all the data is replicated correctly at all times.

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Near real-time replication of data

With frequent incremental extractions, compression and parallel streams, BryteFlow ensures your data is constantly kept up-to-date and available to enable real-time analytics.


SQL workbench to blend data sources

An easy to use drag-and-drop workbench delivers a codeless development environment to build complex SQL jobs and dependencies across SAP and non-SAP data.

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Dashboard for monitoring

BryteFlow for SAP displays various dashboards and statistics so you can stay informed on the extraction process as well as reconciling differences between source and target data.

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Automatic catch-up from network dropout

Pick up where you left off – automatically. In the event of a system outage or lost connectivity, BryteFlow for SAP features an automated catch-up mode so you don’t have to check or start afresh.

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Masking & Tokenization

BryteFlow for SAP provides enterprise grade security to mask, tokenize or exclude sensitive data from the data extraction processes.

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Time-scale history

BryteFlow for SAP provides out-of-the-box options to maintain the full history of every transaction from SAP with options for automated data archiving. You can go back and retrieve data from any point on the timeline.

james mor
James Moor
General Manager Data and Analytics
Origin Energy

Bryte has been our ETL ‘partner’ in the full sense of the term.

“Origin embarked on a journey to create a cloudbased Data and Analytics environment. Bryte has been with us from the beginning as we turn this vision into a reality. There have been some unique challenges in our environment, such as the nature of our SAP deployment, the volumes of data involved, and the exact manner in which we wanted our data handled.

Throughout, Bryte has been more than a software vendor – it has been our ETL ‘partner’ in the full sense of the term. They have been part of the strategic road map conversation, provided advice on our Amazon S3/Redshift Data lake architecture, have made material contributions to our knowledge of AWS products and have generally been a valued advisor on our journey.

Their software and business model appear to have significant flexibility, and as new requirements become apparent they are quick to evolve and incorporate new features into their core platform. In short, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone embarking on a journey similar to ours.”

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On-premises hardware and existing infrastructure was struggling to support data demands.

Until recently, this premier energy company used on-premises hardware to run its operations and big data projects. However, as the volume and complexity of data increased in line with business growth, the existing infrastructure was struggling to support the increasing data demands.

BryteFlow helped unlock large volumes of complex enterprise data including SAP.

BryteFlow software has helped in achieving accurate data replication on AWS Cloud with low latency which could never be achieved earlier, due to the large volumes and complexity of the data. The company’s data is now accessible to functional teams across the organization by consolidating all workloads and databases into one powerful engine. The company has cut down on data costs enormously and query results are many times faster than the earlier on-premises environment.


BryteFlow for SAP FAQs

Why is replicating data from a SAP database so difficult?

SAP intrinsically is very complex ERP software. The process of SAP data replication can prove difficult as SAP systems are made up of a staggering amount of tables in proprietary data formats that make accessing data outside of SAP very challenging. And when you have terabytes of data locked in SAP, it can be an impossible task. That’s why you need an efficient SAP data replication tool that can handle terabytes if SAP data easily for extraction and loading. Further, you can prepare your SAP data for analytics, and future proof your data for Machine Learning.

What is SAP CDC?

When data within the SAP source changes, the same changes need to get reflected onto the replicated data on the destination. BryteFlow Ingest our data replication tool uses log-based Change Data Capture, a technology that updates the data continually with ONLY the files that have changed. The other files are undisturbed so data updates never impact or slow down the source system.

Why use CDC technology rather than ELT or ETL to replicate SAP data?

ETL stands for Extract Transform Load where data is pulled out and transformed into defined formats on the source and then loaded into the data warehouse while ELT stands for Extract Load Transform where the data is pulled out and transformed into the required format into the destination. ETL can impose considerable load on the source, slowing down operations while ELT uses the compute power of the data warehouse which is expensive. Most importantly both approaches can miss deletes and lead to inconsistent, unreliable data. With BryteFlow’s Change Data Capture or CDC technology, only changes in data are updated on the destination. BryteFlow Ingest is a data replication tool that uses log-based CDC to Amazon S3, Redshift , Snowflake, Azure Synapse and SQL Server that captures only the deltas. The CDC is a continual process and can happen in real-time or at the frequency specified by you. Further with BryteFlow Blend on S3, the SAP data is prepared real-time as it is replicated, leading to efficient SAP Data Integration

My SAP data has proved notoriously hard to extract, how do I know BryteFlow can take care of it?

BryteFlow can handle data replication from any API, flat files or legacy databases like SAP, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server and more. We have often cut down data access time for clients like Vocus by 75%. So rest assured your data is in good hands.

How do I get started with BryteFlow to integrate my SAP data?

We offer you a free trial of the BryteFlow Enterprise Edition so you can test how easy it is to install and run BryteFlow for your data on AWS. You can build your data assets on SAP data really quickly as well. Get started with your free trial now.