Extract SAP data in
real-time with CDC.


BryteFlow for SAP Data Integration

SAP data is notoriously hard to extract and integrate

SAP implementations can be life-changing for your organization in terms of growth, efficiency and profitability. However SAP data, owing to its proprietary language (ABAP), processes, and logic,can prove challenging to extract and integrate with other data. SAP ERP implementations may also have been customized for organizational requirements, making SAP ETL even more difficult. SAP to AWS (Specifically S3) – Know as Easy Method

BryteFlow for hassle-free SAP ETL and Integration

Organizations have large volumes of data residing in various SAP databases and ERP applications like ECC, S4 HANA, CRM, Finance and HR. They need to integrate this data with both -SAP and non-SAP data and move it to their on-premise or cloud data warehouse for analytics and business insights. This where BryteFlow can help. BryteFlow extracts data from SAP databases as well as SAP applications, keeping the business logic intact so you don’t need to recreate it on destination. It provides 2 modes of SAP extraction as described below. About BryteFlow SAP Data lake Builder

Extraction of SAP data from Databases

BryteFlow Ingest supports extraction of high volume data using Change Data Capture (CDC) to sync data with changes at source. BryteFlow loads petabytes of data in minutes with parallel, multi-threaded loading and smart partitioning, with no impact on source. It automates every process including data extraction, CDC, masking, schema and table creation, SCD Type2 and more, delivering analytics -ready data to the destination. Create CDS Views on SAP HANA

Extraction of SAP data from Applications

BryteFlow’s SAP ETL tool- the BryteFlow SAP Data Lake Builder extracts SAP ERP data at the application level with business logic intact. If you cannot connect to the underlying application database due to SAP licensing restrictions, the BryteFlow SAP Data Lake Builder can help you sidestep this issue. It extracts data from SAP ERP applications like SAP ECC, S4HANA, SAP BW, SAP HANA using the Operational Data Provisioning (ODP) framework and OData services, and moves data with application logic intact to the destination. Your data is ready-to-use on the destination for various uses cases including Analytics and Machine Learning. How to use SAP SLT Transformation Rule

SAP Integration Tool Highlights
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BryteFlow is a specialist in SAP integration. You can extract data automatically from a full range of SAP applications and databases with just a few clicks of the user-friendly UI. The software provides a range of data conversions out of the box to ensure that your SAP data is ready for analytical consumption.

Hassle-free extraction of SAP Data

BryteFlow extracts data in real-time from the SAP database logs and from SAP applications directly, with application logic intact. It eliminates the need for complex application procedures or queries to extract SAP data. No more SAP silos.
SAP Extraction using ODP and SAP OData Services

Data delivered is ready-to-use

BryteFlow provides data conversions out-of-the-box and replicates complex SAP data and data modules by remodeling the data into analytical data formats. Data is ready for consumption on the destination, for analytics or machine learning models.
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Real-time replication of data with CDC

BryteFlow delivers incremental data and deltas from SAP databases using CDC with triggers. BryteFlow ensures your data is constantly kept up-to-date and available to enable real-time analytics. You can monitor the status of instances with a user-friendly dashboard.
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Integrates SAP data with logic intact

For ETL from SAP applications, BryteFlow preserves the application logic when loading the data on the destination. No need to laboriously recreate logic on the destination – save hours of effort! You can also avoid expensive SAP licensing costs (for database access).
About BryteFlow SAP Data Lake Builder

Supports flexible connections to SAP

BryteFlow supports flexible connections to SAP including: Database logs, ECC, HANA, S/4HANA, SAP SLT and SAP Data Services. It also supports Pool and Cluster tables. Extract any kind of data from SAP to the destination with BryteFlow.
Create an SAP OData Service in SAP BW

Supports ingestion of huge data volumes

BryteFlow Ingest loads data with parallel multi-threaded loading, smart partitioning and compression to deliver data with low latency and very high throughput -approx. 1,000,000 rows in 30 seconds. Get delivery of data within 2 weeks.
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BryteFlow automates SAP integration

BryteFlow automates every process including data extraction, conversion, schema and table creation, CDC, DDL, masking, SCD Type2 history and more. No coding for anything – just point and click.
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Data versioning and Time-scale history

BryteFlow provides SCD Type 2 as an out-of-the-box option to maintain the full history of every transaction with options for automated data archiving. You can go back and retrieve data from any point on the timeline.
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