ETL data from Oracle to Oracle in real-time.


CDC Oracle data to Oracle platforms without coding

Automate Oracle to Oracle ETL with BryteFlow

BryteFlow extracts, transforms and loads your Oracle data to Oracle platforms in real-time without you having to write a single line of code. The Oracle replication process uses log-based CDC (Change Data Capture) and is completely automated. It supports all versions of Oracle including Oracle 12c and Oracle 19c and Oracle ERP data from Oracle Net Suite, Oracle JD Edwards and Oracle ERP Cloud.
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The Oracle Replication Tool is faster than HVR, GoldenGate and Qlik Replicate*

BryteFlow as an Oracle replication tool is high performance and provides the highest throughput for Oracle replication at approx. 1,000,000 rows in 30 seconds. It provides parallel extraction and loading which is completely configurable. BryteFlow can be set up for remote log mining if required, to ensure zero impact on the Oracle source, especially when you are dealing with large volumes of data. BryteFlow’s Oracle replication is the fastest that we know of-at least 6x faster than GoldenGate* and also faster than HVR* and Qlik Replicate* (*results from a client trial).
Oracle Replication in Real-time step by step

Oracle to Oracle ETL Highlights

  • Oracle ETL is automated including extraction, table creation, SCD Type2 and upserts.
  • Low latency, log based CDC for Oracle (on Prem / Cloud) to Oracle (On Prem/Cloud) replication.
  • No coding, automated interface creates exact replica or SCD type2 history on Oracle. Oracle to Snowflake: Everything You Need to Know
  • Manages bulk data ingests easily with parallel loading and automated partitioning mechanisms for high speed.
  • BryteFlow provides replication support for all Oracle versions, including Oracle 12c, 19c, 21c and future releases for the long term.
  • Consolidates Oracle ERP data from multiple sources including SAP, SAP ECC, SAP HANA , JD Edwards and Oracle ERP.
  • Automated data reconciliation ensures no data goes missing.
  • Avoid expensive licensing costs associated with native Oracle replication tools like GoldenGate and ODI.
BryteFlow for Oracle Replication

Automated Oracle ETL using Change Data Capture

Our Oracle replication tool loads huge volumes of data easily

Parallel multi-thread loading, smart partitioning and compression of data loads petabytes of data for Oracle to Oracle replication really fast. BryteFlow XL Ingest manages the initial full ingest of data followed by BryteFlow Ingest that loads incremental changes continually using log -based Change Data Capture.
Change Data Capture Types and CDC Automation

Oracle to Oracle ETL is completely automated

Unlike other Oracle ETL software that demand coding at some turn, with BryteFlow you get complete automation with no coding to be done at all. This includes processes like data merges, SCD Type2 history, Change Data Capture and data reconciliation. You get a user-friendly GUI that any business user can use easily.
Oracle Replication in real-time step by step

Log-based Oracle CDC replicates every change to keep data updated with source

BryteFlow uses log-based Oracle CDC to update your data and sync it with source. It uses database transaction logs to query Oracle data at source and copies only the changes into the Oracle database. This is low-impact and sparing of source systems. Data in your Oracle destination can be updated continually in real-time or it can be scheduled as per your preference.
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Free up your Database Administrator’s time spent in managing the Oracle to Oracle replication

Working with BryteFlow means your DBA needs to spend almost no time in managing the solution. Managing dependencies till process completion, configuring full backups etc. can be time-consuming adding on to the TCO of the solution. Also users in most replication scenarios need to have the highest sysadmin privileges.
With BryteFlow, it is “set and forget”. Your DBA’s time is not required on a continual basis, hence the TCO is much lower. Further, you do not need sysadmin privileges for the replication user.
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Automated data reconciliation in the Oracle data warehouse

BryteFlow ensures your data is complete and nothing goes missing by providing automated data reconciliation using BryteFlow TruData. It does point-in-time data completeness checks for entire datasets including type-2. It compares row counts and columns checksum and provides alerts and notifications for missing data.

Save on Oracle licensing costs

Reduce your Oracle licensing costs by using BryteFlow’s Oracle ETL. Avoid licensing costs that you might incur by deploying Oracle GoldenGate or Oracle Data Integrator etc. BryteFlow loads your Oracle data to Oracle platforms (both On-prem and Cloud) without needing licensing from Oracle, making it an economical option. This includes consolidation of ERP data from Oracle JD Edwards and Oracle ERP Cloud, not to mention SAP, SAP HANA and SAP ECC.
Migrating ERP Data to the Cloud

The option to archive data while preserving SCD Type 2 history

BryteFlow provides time-stamped data and the versioning feature allows you to retrieve data from any point on the timeline. This versioning feature is integral to historical and predictive trend analysis.
AWS DMS CDC and limitations for Oracle Data

Your data maintains Referential Integrity

BryteFlow enables referential integrity of data. This means that when changes happen in the Oracle database and when they are replicated to the Oracle destination, you can pinpoint exactly what changed at the columnar level, like data, time, values etc.
BryteFlow for Oracle Replication

Data replication 6x faster than Oracle GoldenGate

*BryteFlow is 6x faster than GoldenGate. BryteFlow is also faster than comparable software such as HVR and Qlik Replicate, and loads data at an approx. rate of 1,000,000 rows in 30 seconds. BryteFlow can be deployed faster, in just one day and time to delivery of data is just 2 weeks.
*Results of a client trial. **Testing by client under some circumstances
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Remote log mining possible

Get the advantages of remote log mining with BryteFlow. The logs can be mined on a different server so there is no impact on the source. Even though you may be mining huge volumes of data, your operational systems and sources will not be impacted.
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Automated catch-up from network dropout

If there is a power outage or network failure you don’t need to start the Oracle to Oracle replicaton process again. The replication process automatically resumes from where it stopped.

BryteFlow’s Technical Architecture

BryteFlow helps consolidate your data from Oracle databases and Oracle ERP sources in real-time.

About Oracle Database

Oracle DB is also known as Oracle RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) and sometimes just Oracle. Oracle DB allows users to directly access a relational database framework and its data objects through SQL (Structured Query Language). Oracle is highly scalable and is used by global organizations to manage and process data across local and wide area networks. The Oracle database allows communication across networks through its proprietary network component.

About Oracle ERP Cloud

Oracle ERP Cloud functions as an end-to-end software and manages enterprise operations. It is a service suite that runs on Oracle Cloud centers using the Oracle technology stack. The Oracle ERP Cloud allows for public and private cloud implementation and supports hybrid deployment. Modules include: Financials, Accounting Hub, Procurement, Project Management, Risk Management, Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), AI Apps for ERP, Supply Chain Management (SCM) and NetSuite.