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Frustrated with valuable data trapped in silos? Need to wait endlessly for data queries to be processed? This book will show you the issues that plague most data environments today and how you can fix them to easily get ready-to-use data in real-time.
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Optimising Enterprise Data Management on AWS with BryteFlow.

Analytics-ready data in real-time. No coding. No waiting.

  • Understand how Bryteflow lets you use Amazon S3 as a Data Lake, a Date Warehouse AND a Data Hub and slash data costs.
  • Get to know how you can load, merge and model data from SAP, Oracle, SQL Server or from other data sources to have seamless integration of data across multiple platforms.
  • Realize how you can achieve faster time to value with your data even with huge volumes – no coding, no waiting.
  • Know how you can have a data environment that supports multiple users, applications and workloads running at the same time, without any slowing down or workload conflict.

Some of our customers who have built efficient analytics environments with BryteFlow.