Download Ebook: 9 ways to future-proof your data

How to keep your data integration effective and usable into the next century.

If you are investing in data integration and analytics, you need to consider how well your implementation can function in the future. Will it be slow and full of bottlenecks as your data expands (which it will) and incompatible with new technology and software? Or will it handle data replication, transformation and reconciliation in real-time, without breaking a sweat and hand you prepared data you can use right away for ML and Analytics?

  • This ebook will show you exactly how you should set up your data integration platform and what to keep in mind so you can look forward to using your data for actionable insights while realizing a great ROI from your data investment.
  • Why ETL is so yesterday and how log-based CDC is the only practical way to get your data with all changes, in real-time to the destination.