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Data Migration 101 (Process, Strategies, Tools & More)

In our guide to Data Migration, we look at what data migration is all about, the different types of data…

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ELT in Data Warehouse (ETL and ELT: Points to Compare)

Why use ELT in the Data Warehouse and how are ETL and ELT different in their data warehousing operations? The…

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Data Pipelines, ETL Pipelines and 6 Reasons for Automation

Data pipelines, ETL pipelines, the differences between them, and the case for automating data pipelines is what this blog is…

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Change Data Capture and How to Make CDC Automation Easy

A blog on Change Data Capture, what is CDC, why CDC is better than Batch Processing, Change Data Capture types,…

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What is Apache Kafka and Installing Kafka (Step-by-Step)

Apache Kafka demystified What is Kafka, how Kafka works, Kafka use cases, concepts and how to install it. This blog…

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Bulk Loading Data to Cloud Data Warehouses

What is Bulk Loading of Data? Bulk Insert Data to Popular Cloud Data Warehouses Amazon Redshift Bulk Insert using COPY…

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Data Lake vs Data Warehouse for Enterprise Data Integration

Enterprise Data Lake vs Enterprise Data Warehouse, which one is right for you? The enterprise data lake vs enterprise data…

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Data Extraction for ETL simplified

What is Data Extraction? Data extraction refers to the method by which organizations get data from databases or SaaS platforms…

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