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Data Lakehouse on S3 Data Lake (w/o Hudi or Delta Lake)

In this blog we will talk about how a plain vanilla S3 Data Lake can function as an efficient Data…

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S3 Data Lake in Minutes (Amazon S3 Tutorial – 4 Part Video)

Jump to the Videos An S3 Data Lake is elastic, scalable and can store any kind of data An S3…

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How to create an AWS Data Lake 10x faster

Data can be transformative for an organization. How and where you store your data for analysis and business intelligence is…

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AWS Data Migration Service or AWS DMS: What you need to know

Considering options for data migration to AWS? There are a number of tools you can consider for migrating data to…

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AWS ETL options: AWS Glue explained

What is ETL? ETL stands for Extract Transform and Load. Extract gets the data from databases or other sources, Transform…

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Face off: AWS Athena vs Redshift Spectrum

Amazon Athena and Redshift Spectrum are both AWS services that can run queries on Amazon S3 data. Both are part…

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How to choose between Parquet, ORC and AVRO for S3, Redshift and Snowflake?

Why you need a big data file format to store data How do you get petabytes of data into Amazon…

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How to get your Amazon Athena queries to run 5X faster

How do you tune your Amazon Athena query performance? It is important to understand how Amazon Athena works, and the…

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