A great CDC tool and a very helpful support team.

A great CDC tool and a very helpful support team.

For the past couple of months, I have been testing various CDC (Change Data Capture) tools that can deal with huge volumes of incoming delta changes but also fit within our budget.

According to my experience so far, BryteFlow from Bryte Systems is just that tool. It has a very simple UI with very few configuration steps to be done, and you have BryteFlow ready for CDC.

BryteFlow supports many source systems like Oracle, Oracle RAC etc. For the use case Snowflake is used as a target, which works flawlessly with BryteFlow. It can write target data in both – Amazon S3 and Snowflake.

The Bryteflow Standard Edition has basic monitoring but has settings to send logs to AWS Cloudwatch for detailed monitoring and AWS alarms. It also reconnects/retries to the source and target database in case the connection is lost or down due to network glitches.

For me, the best feature of BryteFlow is the rollback option where older archive log files, if present in the source database, can be reloaded. Recovery of the EC2 instance running the BryteFlow AMI is very easy to configure with Dynamo DB and S3 as backup.

The BryteFlow support team has been very supportive during the initial setup and helped clear all my doubts and queries. This is a great CDC tool with a very helpful support team at the backend.

Ruchi Khanuja

Data Engineer, Telia Company

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