Oracle Announcement: Deprecation of Oracle Streams and Advanced Replication, and what it means to you.

Oracle has made the announcement as below a while back regarding the deprecation of Oracle Streams and Advanced Replication.

Oracle 12c will sound the death knell for Oracle Streams and Advanced Replication, and Oracle’s recommended alternative GoldenGate whilst great for Oracle financial results it isn’t the modern alternative for those wishing to stay on the Oracle stack or moving to public clouds.

The writing was on the wall when Oracle released 12c and credit to Oracle for its early warning of an imminent deprecation. Due to a multitude of reasons, not least the costs of upgrading, organisations continue to kick the can along until a fork in the road appears where there is a real urgency to take action. Well, we have arrived at that fork, as Oracle announced 11g versions will go into extended support and premier support as per link below

In the new world of 12c there is no Oracle Streams and the recommended GoldenGate alternative isn’t exactly light on the corporate wallet, not an easy sell to your CFO in this budget constrained environment.

The smarter alternative is BryteFlow, ready-made for enterprise grade replication which is upto 4 times faster than GoldenGate and half the cost. It’s modern click-to-replicate GUI means there is zero-coding and faster uptake. On top of that, the flexible deployment options ensure future-proofing for public cloud destinations. And whatever destination your organisation chooses, BryteFlow’s Advanced Encryption options protect your most sensitive data.

We have plenty of clients like Origin Energy who chose the smarter alternative. Be the hero of your organisation and contact Bryte for a demo.